09 December, 2010

rotten apple

What happened to the music industry now, really? it's sad. for example here in Boleh land, I was pretty much excited when a certain lady whos name is Yunalis Zarai popped out and burst into the local scene in late 2006, and naively thinking that this will change our music industry.

But it didn't. Yet. Well maybe it's changing, but what I can see is people actually try to copy her instead do their own music. Damn!

Okay that's local. Internationally, well.

Sucks, too.

Justin Biebers, Rihannas, bunch of disco-techno-bound artist started to grow like mushrooms! Ew. And Miley is turning into Britney. Well done.

Honestly, I still can listen to Hip hop. But Techno? At least most of the rapper that I listen they talk about lives, if not their past w/e. Techno, disco music? All about clubbing, and so on. And they create music from, er, computers? I don't know bout you guys, but I don't prefer this kind of music making. I prefer listening to artist who create music from instruments, and singer sang, a song.

And the song, please let it sounds like song. Let it, rhythm.