09 December, 2010


Finally back at home. Such a hectic week.

Went to Broga Hills with my friends. Those that went there is.. Adib, Aqeela, Adiba, Faiz, Firdaus, Hafiz, Nazri, Shamim, Syikin.. and bunch of ddc-ians.

broga, 7.28 a.m

Standing; Hafiz, Saiful, Shikin, Faiz/Burn
Sitting; Afuu, Nazri, Shamim

Afuu, Saiful Aizat, Shikin, Nazri

Faiz/Burn, Afuu, Shikin, Nazri
Adiba, Shamim, Hafiz

the reason why my feet still hurt till now.

And we then proceed to Sungai Congkak. Hafiz was in another car so.. he's not there with us. Went there instead of Sungai Gabai, because I pity Aqeela a lot. It's been such a long time she did an outdoor activity, and she's climbing Broga. So yeah. We went for Sungai Congkak.

shikin, shamim, afuu, me, faiz, aqeela, adib

Later that weekend, me with all my siblings, and most of my cousins went Melaka.

It was HELL. will update on another post.

Anyway. About my kancil. After quite a few time in and out the workshop, it is repaired. Well not fully. The piping for the muffler will be changed soon, is what papa planned. hm kay then. I really wanted to test drive the Kancil since Friday. For the note, I sent the Kancil to the workshop on Friday morning. Never got to test the Kancil evetho it is finished by 3 pm. Saturday onwards I drive a Persona to Melaka. Sampai lah Monday. So I missed Kancil, a LOT.

On Tuesday, supposedly kakak ask me to buy her stuff at Tesco, so it's a very good chance to test the Kancil. When suddenly, Mama nak pergi sekali. I felt so devastated, I felt like crying, srysly. That's how much I missed my Kancil.

Today only I drive her. I really, missed the rawness of that car. The small space, the steering, the seat, the noise, everything!

Well that's all for the update. For now. Later peeps.


Aqeela AJ said...

Dei! you dont have to mention you pity me:D

saiful aizat said...

well of course I can.
and I already DID. heh.

Fina Sophie said...

missing ur kancil tu mmg touching. i missed my kancil too, back when i was in my campus life XD not mine though, kereta sewa je.

so, ur kancil tu jantina perempuan ye? hihi.