29 November, 2010

Look Alive, Sunshine.

okay, my NAN 14 is rolling again! 
Ahh, damn, now I just proved that I can't be away with my kancil even for only a day ♥ 

I was practically being a sad person this 2 weeks. 
Sebab well, she's not here that white kancil.
I send her for overhauling. 
It's been a while since the last time she's been a workshop, for a check-up.
..More like I never had the time,
Or maybe I just don't want to send her away from me. T_T 

But anyway, she's back yo. 
And peeps in Bandar Country Homes are sooo not going to be happy with it. mfufufufu. 

And old story, I need moolah! 
I want to buy a deskie as soon as possible! 
Getting sick playing PES 2011 in my lappie. So laggie. Damn. 

Going to be away for a while after this, I think. Kerjaaa. 
and some personal time with Kancil. Around KL, againnn. Hahaha.
Dah buat appointment with my Kancil. 
I want to spend my time with her, just in case tak sempat lah kan. ;)

Again, just a small update. haha