04 November, 2010

there's nothing good after 2 a.m.

so I walked towards the direction that this heart tells. It's a bit odd because when you don't believe in your heart, you started to do more what you're heart tells you. When the heart is hurt, there's a higher probability to do something stupid, that always come from your heart.

then, what will you do after 2 a.m? just go to sleep.

BEEPPPPPPPPP! wrong answer.

sigh, I wonder if I can really takes that as a good answer. the final is approaching. and the stability still doesn't come. Right now, honestly, I don't feel any good. Only, plain heartache. idk why tbh. wait. maybe not idk why, its because which one. I mean, there's craps been throwing at me at all direction, and it's up to me to avoid all of them. avoiding? more like escaping. Okay, I've tried handling it, but no, it won't do. It's too big for me, I guess. When a shit is done, there's always another, waiting for you. It'll never ends.

So what you do after 2 a.m.? sigh. honestly, just go to sleep. this is a heartfelt advice from me.

do you want to know what I do after 2? heh. naah. it's boring.

this is a small update from me. there's a lot of words I heard from friends, regarding my posts. Most of them said it was pretty good, to my surprise. But really, all of it comes out of my head, spontaneously. I just write, what my fingers hit the keyboard (duh) and it's what I feel. I think. No, I don't really think usually all the time while updating my blog lol. so yeah. a lil update on my life, for those who is interested, and actually, care. lololol.

going back to my kancil. spending time with the one that you know, won't live forever, is a bliss. appreciating what she has done to help me. creating more, and more memories together. aih.

nite peeps.

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c/6 (0)09 said...

nite aizat zzzZZzzz =)