08 August, 2010

the unconditional surrender.

On 26th of July 1945, Postdam Declaration was issued, with an ultimatum of surrender unconditionally to Japan, or face total destruction. Which, the then Japan Premier Suzuke, indicated that his country won't surrender.

On 6th of August 1945, "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima, and later "Fat Man" was dropped at Nagasaki on 9th of August 1945
American troops began landing in Japan, on 28th of August, with the first landing at Atsugi Air Base, near Yokohama.
and on 2nd of September 1945, Japan sign an unconditional surrender.

-- What all of these above got to do with me? Well, nothing, I guess. I just, love history. That's all.


Guess I'm really pushing my luck. Maybe over optimist. It's like, I'll never learn, from the past. Guess, I was really, really hopeful, of something. Miracle? Well not really, but slightly.
Issit 2 months already? Waw, I really am surprised. Lama jugak, without her, I mean, Lunesta. Maybe, I should just, let it be, kan? Just, don't push things around, don't, try to work things out. I, should've been more grateful. Rather than hoping, for something to work out, I shud just, redha.

Redha. Kan?

Thanks for you guys punya support. Those yang accompany me, those night will never be forgotten. Yeah, including you, tikus. And my Kancil. Just bear with me, mkay? I hope you're still strong to, be there for me? Hahaha. My friends, I can't thank you enough. Ada yang tengah-tengah malam dok tidoq pun kena kacau. Yang besok kerja tu lagi lah, kena teman sampai Subuh. You guys went a lot of trouble, I don't know how I can repay you guys. Someday. Kot.

..I'll resort to my last two options. The first one is; coffee. And of course, Lunesta. Yoroshiku onegai shimasssu. Even though the first one is a bit forceful, (a lot, actually.) dizzy, nauseous it's like forcing you to sleep, but I guess the it's not as painful as not gonna sleep, eventhough your body is damn tired, and you are damn sleepy. The pain that you're gonna endure the whole 5-6 hours, alone. Lonely, it sounded pathetic but it is. I'm really, pathetic. Saddd. Hahaha.

Tired of hoping so much. It's much of, a false dawn. Well I must be strong. I am, kan? Haha. Dah besar kann. Pandai jaga diri, apa-apa masalah tanggung sendiri. Kan. Hoping that this lonely hole I'm living in will be a bit bigger, but I'll end up feeling, more lonely, as this big, dark hole, is too big for me alone. It's, too spacious. I can't bear that feeling. That's why I always ran to my Kancil. It's crammed, small interior, makes me comfortable. Scared, probably.

With this, I signed an unconditional surrender.

Please take care of me, Lunesta.

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mE said...

I guess even without myself saying, you'll know what I wanna say kan? haha ntahla but maybe you know kot.

and oh, budak besar ke x, everyone ade weaknesses and nk learn to cope with it, so don't push yourself so hard.

Tho man, ur still a kid D: