06 August, 2010

penghilang sunyi.

..So I was on my daily routine, laying on my bed, trying my best to go to sleep. It's half past 2 now. The wind is slightly chilling, as the rain continues to fall. It wasn't really dark, because the light from the laptop screen was, well lit my bed, sebab I put my lappie beside my bed hahaha. My room mates are gone, busy with his job. TEMMASYA is starting this weekend. Omg speaking of that TEMMASYA, it looks so childish. Who the hell punya suggestion nak buat macam tu? Hilang nafsu untuk participate in that event.

Then, suddenly, I felt something. Maybe I'm thinking too much, but, there IS something.

Jadi aku toleh kepala aku ke kiri, when I saw something moving. It's fidgeting. And then, it starting to show itself, it's getting clearer, as it getting closer.

It's a .. rat. A small one.

Well I thot I was dreaming, somehow. hahahahahaha. It's quite, unbelievable, anddddd, dushum. I knocked it away using my Steel Series Ikari Laser Mouse. Heh. RM300+ Mouse > normal mouse. Well actually, it was something, random. My instant reaction. Sorry? hahahhahaa. And I switched on the lamp.

So I continue to read blogs, to re-watch Engine. omg Koyuki is sooooo beautiful! It was on one episode, where Koyuki cried (still beautiful! *blush*), when Kimutaku brings her and the kids to the circuit one night, when, I saw the rat climb my luggage beside the lappie, beside my katil. That rat, I tell youuu, must have some extra balls nak shows up macam tu.

It's almost like, he's declaring war with me. =_=

I remember, it was 5, when I cornered the rat, under my bed, after quite some time. He stares at me, I stares his eyes, and then to my surprise, it charged towards me, jumping while squeaking! Sure got me surprise there, I jumped! I mean, wth men, mana ada rat yang charged at ppl macam tuu. So from my bed, he's now under my room mates punya katil. Wuah, tempat dia sumpah beselerak! So I..gave up. And throw myself on my bed again.

It was 7, when I thot of getting a shower. The sun started to shine now, and my room is getting cerah. And I saw the rat. I mean, what is this, an elementary rat? Tak belajar ke? Semua tikus move, swiftly tau. Dia pulak terjengket-jengket. Bajet orang tak nampak, or bajet cute? =_=

I take that as a boastful way to say, "Hey look at me! Nanananan~ try to catch me, idiot!"

So I grabbed the broomstick again, and cornered him under my bed again. Here we are again, I mean, we just wait, who'll make the first move. And he came charging at me again, with his "Charge Special", Squeeek Squeeeeekkk!!!

Dush! Aku menghayun penyapu ke kiri , terus keluar tikus tu. And terus dia lari, entah ke mana.

Heh, now it's very damn clear, who's the winRAR here.

Well I had fun. Thanks for teman me for the whole night.


c/6 (0)09 said...

bwahahahaha! what a funny post here. LOL!then i'll call u ratto. haha!

dieba d diebut said...

cop.camne tikos bleh masok bilik kau?
terbukti ksj kotor giler.OMG!

mE said...

HOMG tikus D:


btw, ko x bothered ke mouse tu sesama lam bilik ko u.u klo ak selagi ak xhalau die kua bilik ak xkn rs at peace u.u

Nazrul Montolivo said...

terbukti tikus tu gay..

Sarah said...

tikus tu bajet chomel lol xD

-- said...

tahahahaha.dengan tikus pun jadiXD