07 July, 2010

well, maybe

I've been thinking bout this post a lot. Buttt, I have no guts to posted it, just left it there as one draft, out of thousands. I was kinda afraid might get misunderstood by fellow friends as a jiwang karat person like this fella over here, but thinking that this blog need to be updated, so I decided to post this one up.

Well more like this blog lack something, weird like this one.

Well my hobby is, to stalk people around. Doesn't have to be a friend of mine. And then I find out that their partner was always someone.. unique. Different. So I was wondering, whether this is simply because their taste, like cute or handsome macho guy, but then, hey, you don't always end up with your crushes, right? So when I read Nazrul's post, Cinta Itu Buta, I started to think that,

how would Love looks like, if Love is a person?

Love might be a tall, specky girl who loves to feed random cats that running around her neighbour. Or, loves to drives car. Love maybe loves guy who sped but she's too afraid to speed?And maybe she adores Taylor Swift? Perhaps she can sing like her, or play guitar just like Taylor, who knows? A night person, rarely active on day, but intensely twitting during night time? Perhaps she writes blog, too! Always posting about her life, her boyfriends, her friends, college.

Or maybe she is a very brilliant, kind but at the same time clumsy? That will be cute! She could be good looking, hour glass figure, but at the same time hated her legs? Maybe she is a quite but mischievous kind of girl. Always lurking for opportunity, to attract her partner? Or maybe she's completely the opposite! Calm, patient, very well behaved? With her lady-like figure? She could be as beautiful as Koyuki, but at the same time hiding funny secrets, maybe she likes football, or wrestling? Cool stuff!

Maybe she's living alone in an apartment at Hartamas, or maybe at a bungalow at Port Dickson? Working from 7 to 6, using public transports just like all of us. Maybe she'd prefer boys so that she can control them? Or just so that she can feel young again. Maybe she's a celebrity, who have Jessica Alba's figure with a Jennifer Aniston sweet looking face? Maybe she does online shopping every saturday night. Maybe she's just a next door girl, who always smile at you? Maybe she's a very good listener, and rarely condemned you. Her words makes you felt like you heard a song by yuna, maybe.

Maybe she collects shoes. Gladiators, Wedges, Heels, at least 7 for each types of shoes? Keep up to date with all the latest trend that catches her eyes. She might be the trend setter. Maybe she collects mugs, maybe she dates with your bestfriend? Maybe she's a tsundere? A gamer? Maybe she's a pickpocket who picks wallet that belongs to a handsome guy? Maybe she's a Chinese who fell in love with an Indian guy. Or maybe, she's a bi? Or she's just to afraid to confess to a guy, that she's been admire since her kindergarten?

Maybe she's out there reading this and started to think, what is would Love looks like if Love's a guy?


Tya Matdiah said...

just so you know, no, you don't sound like that jiwang karat fella. :)
hahaha, that really made me laughed right out after clicking the link...
still a little bit jiwang la tapi, but the post actually gravitates more towards wondering-thoughts kinda thing rather than jiwang-ness.

Nazrul Montolivo said...

hoho siot tol.. promote aku ;)

dieba d diebut said...

ala.kau memang jiwang. tapi bukan jiwang karat cam nazrol 2.

saiful aizat said...

@nazrul - promo pun kau marah ke nazrul? isk.

@dieba - sape ta jiwang, habaq mai kat aku. haha

@tya - yeah, my wondering thots. the right term. thanks~

dieba d diebut said...

aku la tak jiwang. hahahaHA!