02 July, 2010


"We always forget memory that we want to remember, but we always remember the memory we want to forget."

There is no everlasting memories, only memories that us will remember for a long time, or a short time.

Choice is the only weapon we have, to battle through this, apparently simple life. Wrong weapon, you're dead meat.

Given chance to go back time, I will, make the trip to the past. But I won't, ever, gonna change anything, even the smallest thing. No matter how silly, funny, ugly, horrid my past are, at the end of the day, when I think about it, it is still beautiful.

Although, there's one battle, I've lost terribly. Wrong choice, and the sudden end to a beautiful moment.

The choice will be there again; my belief, or the my feeling of sadness, and guilty, lonely. love.

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