16 December, 2008

Dances Of The Spirit

mood : holiday
music : Warwick Avenue - Duffy

just return from langkawi
just return? no lah. like 2 weeks ago
stayed at Porto Malai, Langkawi (Awana)
kakak not going, kerja (HAHAHA, SERVE YOU RIGHT.)
aizti, tanak sbb nk online (SERVE YOU RIGHT, TOO.)
wait, ape sbb aizati tamau pi? ahahaha.
papa oso not going
bilik 3211
condition - u_u;;;;;;
maybe sbb mama tak ambik suite kott
but, oh well
the view?
excellent for a holiday
(except this is not a holiday, as mama have meeting all 4 days)
the boats, the sand is whiiitteee(altho there's not enuf sanf but..)
the temperature - just nice~
u guys have to experience it first hand
its just, AWESOME.

the journey start 2nd December 2008
at 6.30am we already on mama's C230
mama explained how we're gonna get there
both abang and me will travel by bus
not to mention its LHDN.
while mama
she'll take MAS >_>
that, is totally unfair.
well, somehow we manage to survive from mama's officer (org bwah mama)
and arrive at Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi
its like, eennnnnnnndddddd of langkawi
but upon arriving~
we WOW at the view
it just worth the 7 hours journey
mama called
she asked how was the hotel
and stuff. you noe~
then she said that her plane is like 7.30pm
and we're like.. ohh.. owwkaaaayy, wth are we going to do
its only 2 demmit
tidur duluuu.
then makan xD~
then? ahhh..
the greatest thing mankind ever invented.
televisonnnn o_o
as usual, vision 4, discovery, rtm (lol) and most important, ESPN
so i watched ESPN la of course xD
till sometimes later at 9
mama arrived~
while abg dh jadi kayu atas katel tu =_=
noticed that theres boat outside there
fishing i guess..
those rich bastards >_>

I woke up around 6.15 am
heard fisherman motor boat running
excited, i went outside
and manage to arrive in time
very, very nice
later at 7 mama went meeting
abang and me went to rent car
hope for a KANCIL or KELISA, instead we received WIRA "OTL "OTL
the condition, pft. it SUQ.
no power window, also cannot open the window
anyway, anyhow by any mean.
not by rock, of course, or my 60 for deposit will bye-bye
means we cant merasa 'angin sepoi-sepoi-bahasa' in Langkawi orz
looking foward to it actually orz orz
lucky the aircond is okay
thats why its only 50 per day =_=
go isi minyak, another 50 gone T.T
discussed with abang, where to go, what to do, whos driving
of course, abang will drive while i navigate him
map is there in the car lols
bought some sandwiches and vanilla cokes
then abg try to tune in mix fm
when we realize that in fact, theres NO RADIO.
wtf. gila ka weiii, u want us to die ah?
lucky brought my Creative Zen Stone with Speaker <33333333
so langkawi, here we go! XD


we went back to hotel around 7pm.
but happy :>
ask us, mane lagi tak pegi
Teluk Datai?
Pantai Pasir Tengkorak?
as cool as it name is!
Gunung Mat Cincang?
all cincai. gone ediii.
Black Sand Beach? Tanjung Rhu?
how come tak pegi, mesti pegi.
Gunung Raya?
top of the mountain summore.
Makam Mahsuri?
what is Langkawi without Mahsuri?
Ancient Tomb?
Pekan Kuah?
lauk de.
say laa any place. all we jelajah already
the blood of explorer is running la wei
thus, Pojat and Podin, the Explorer is borrrrnnn!
(doesnt have anything to do with Dora the Explorer, neither dora demented xD)

well, that is 2 weeks ago
now, its a different thing
here i am, stuck at rawang again.
rindu la langkawi. >:



freak. i am. dora. said...


at last.
update jgk ko.

roti bakar said...

itu kamu~ lala
ya aku dh update u_u;
len kali aku update lg often lols