24 December, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

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music : Crest Of Z's - JAM Project

starting at 10 am, December 20 in Sunway Convention Center, Sunway Piramid
until 7 pm December 21st.
to evryone whu ddnt mnage to go there, esp those whu really2 want
you know what
although RTW VIII held on the same day but still
i dont regret going to CF.
arrived at Sunway Piramid around 11.30 am
kinda sesat.
YALAR, changed so much de
last time semue nmpak kecik je
skang complicated gle
plus bawak air botol sekotak lak tu. cakap ah tak lengah lak tgn
nk call vio pun payah
vio cakap CP3.
well however we manage to get there
smpai sane je rafique dh mcm
"Bapak freak sial tmpat ni"
well rafique, kat situ kau la freak. sbb org laen nmpk normal ahaha
then beli tiket for 2 days
and say bbye to rafique as he'll meet with syazmin and bob

well according to the schedule, i suppose to jaga booth
but then seeing pepol HOORAH and stuff
not to mention bz gak kat ctu
so me and vio just.. stand there u_u;
however, roughly 5 minutes after vio diupgrade jd penjage wang
i said to myself
srys ah takkan aku nak ddk kt sni je u_U;
so i join kens and tarik ppl to the booth xD;
srysly, u cant even imagine the awkwardness in me, doing that u.u;;;;
to my surprise, they act pegi kat booth! xDDDDD
from 11 till 1 pm ppl were like BANYAK GILA.
then onwards, ppl getting lesser lesser
and many badges was sold out at the end of the day ^^
the bookmarks and the Happy Family Card Deck are okay
but still, badges pwnd them
so the day after that, we like more focus on bookmarks and Happy Family
as badges was very, very attractive, and AWESOME ahaha
but but on the 2nd day
eventho pepol are WAAAYY BANYAK from the 1st day
i smhow lari byk u.u;;
salah pentas tu sbb attractive-ness lvl die sgt tinggi .A.
dpat autograph from Keith!!!! *O*
dan gamba bersame MechaFROG!!!!! *O*
beli baju CF XD
dan ade cosplay yuna yg KAWAIIIIII *nosebleed*
BOTH OF THEM *nosebleed*
i went home happy-ly
evntho miss Manchester United winning CLUB WORLD CUP
not to mention Rooney scored too ;_;
but yeah
its not a big deal
there's always a replay rite
and CF? lol
happy happy daes~

both cosplayer is AWESOME. you guys make my day! d(^O^)b



Lunar Cat said...

AHHHHH!! benci giler!
sue nk gi sana kot...huhuhuhu.
cool lah cosplay they all..huhuhu

roti bakar said...

well too bad sue
mmg bes. ahaha

Lunar Cat said...

like seriously..mmg menyesal...
well, keep me posted wif the latest news, dear..XD

p/s: masa kita joging aritu, sue bagitau sof je psl hal tu...mmg dpt news pagi tuh mmg buat sue tergamam skjap ah..tak sangka dia dh takde dh.
i missed her...

Anonymous said...

that yuna cosplayer, came at the booth and fangurling with us ._.; u miss her ._. and she came again te next day with her mum ._. ko tak gi tau aku yg ko gi amek autograf ;_;

roti bakar said...

well kau tak dga ke MC announce dkat 5 kali ade autograph session u_u
kau egt aku gi mane je u_u

freak. i am. dora. said...

wah! yunaaaa~~

Anonymous said...

you suck D: