13 November, 2011

the 'jack of all trade'

i think it's become one of my habit now. i feel like i want to learn EVERYTHING. i don't want to miss a single thing. i get excited on every single thing. but perhaps i should aproach everything with an even more cautios steps.

i remembered; i read a mag, or newspaper, or somewhere; i forgot to be honest, but it's something about yourself quiz kind of thing.. it describes me as;

"Many talents but neither given enough time to shows up"

Or something. At first I don't givafuck about it but.. Now, it seems true. :|

Besides, The Jack of All Trade is a Master of None.


- - said...

bukan baru sekarang,SENTIASA kot.

saya setuju dengan result kuiz itu;

- - said...

oh tapi tak berapa setuju dengan yang last :/