17 October, 2010


It was an eventful day. At least, I did what I promised, what I can do, and what I really need to do. I enjoy it, yes I do, but did not enjoy it, much. Maybe because of the short period, maybe. But the most reasonable excuse is, it's just me.

It seems like, I stressed out so much, I'm not having fun, when I'm supposed to do so. All I'm doing is, thinking about all of the assignments, projects, presentations, tests, quizzes, future. Most of my time. Even when I'm driving. Even when I'm 'getting rid the toxic inside of my body'.

I did not have the time to think about my own happiness.

Or, I could say that, I could not care less.

Even when I knew that not what we've done will go noticed. If they happy, they'll enjoy it and, forget all things that is associated to the sadness.

Look, it's not like I love ranting about this.

But that's the fact. Every human I think, did this. Well I tried, not to do that. Appreciate more. Learn, learned to do so. Please. Not the hard way.


Makes me realize about life. You can't be carefree. You'll lose something. Whatever it is. So for the moment, just, appreciate it. Believe me, mark my word, bookmark this page, print screen, whatever, take my word. You'll regret it.

There's no camera that's as good as your own eyes and memory.

Maybe that's why I don't feel so reluctant not taking any pictures from Friday/Saturday. It just, even if any pictures are taken, it'll not feel as good as the memory itself.

Pictures, always work as the ignition for the memory to replay. People sees picture, to know what happened, or to recall what happened.

Well, even if it's not that great, it's still a great escape. I can't believe we did that, it was wicked. I feel bad.

Lucky us, that the star shows up, even if it's not as bright as it used to before. I still enjoy the view as much as I enjoyed it the first time I was it. It was always beautiful. The feeling, is always blissful.

Escape? Not really. What kind of people are you, escape from something you hate, but eventually you came back to that place? Just call it as trip. To relieve tension. Or something.

I still can feel the breeze of the ocean. I still can see the sea of stars. I can still see the view outside the car.

Post-vacay can be suck as hell. But well, that's life.

And life is a bummer.

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bestnye g pantai lagi..