12 April, 2011


bagus. bajet boleh tidor lah kalau kau makan ubat tidor? camne kalau kau bangun lebih kurang 1-2 jam je lepas kau makan ubat tidor tu?

badan kau makin lali dengan ubat tidor? gamaknya.

do I really, really have to satisfy other needs to make my own satisfaction fulfilled ? do I have to sacrifice my own needs to satisfy other's, will it make things better?

will I ABLE to hang on? do you really give a fuck?

guess last week's friday escape wasn't enough. was going to blog about that, but since it's pretty much depressing because i'm fucking alone, and i'm so fucking desperate to do that, and my weekends are so fucked up that i was so fucking down i can't even say i was sane enough at that time, i decided to post something 'honest'.

and god. to think that this whole week is more or less the same. and to think that after a fucked up March i was very hopeful of a very, very, very, normal (not lucky) April,

i was so wrong. this .. sucks. i gave up.

i have to run. i need to run, even if it means i'm going to be alone this weekend. even if i end up somewhere i don't even know, or somewhere i used to cherish my memories (even now) , somewhere where i can gaze the stars, listen to sound of never ending waves, feeling like i was burst by the powerful wind of the sea breeze..

even if it means i'm going to be all by myself.

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