11 April, 2011

fuck cancer. fuck leukemia.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck off! had enough with it. tak habis habis. lepas sorang, sorang. lepas tu lagi sorang. lagi sorang. ape ni, aku ni kuat sangat ke ha? fuck la. fuck. fuck.

oh fuck this insomnia too. i hate to endure all of this fucking shit all fucking alone. i'm so fucked up, i don't fucking care anymore, fuck it, fuck me, hate me, fuck off, fuck this shits. if you want to hate me, go on. fuck it. i'm using being hated anyway. i'm always the fucking bad guy, will never change. you have no use of me anymore right, so just go. why are you being so fucking stupid, to actually be there by me? fuck it.

if you hate me for what i am, go fuck yourself. why did i even befriend with you? i don't understand. y'see, i don't really fucking remember who the fuck is who the fuck, albeit he's fucking famous around these tiny place, but if i remember you, i won't forget you till i fucking dead. means if i already thought you as a friend, i won't fucking back stabbing you while smiling like a fucking dewa in front of your fucking face. if you hate him/her please for god sake, TELL HIM/HER, don't fucking back talk them. are you THAT FUCKING PERFECT to do that?

so why are you guys are here anyway? to fucking make fun of me? go on. have fun. to fucking hate me? sure, go on. like I give a fuck anyway. to be honest i fucking hate myself anyway. so don't feel bad. because you guys are, the most perfect, good looking, smart, intelligent bastard ever.

i'm just a fucking loner, i always be. i always will be. it's a sad fucking fact that i don't want to fucking accept it if i can, but this is just the fucking things are.

oh to those 59 "followers", please gtfo too. unfollow please. like you guys give a fuck. all you guys care are increasing youre traffic, nuffnag whatsofucking ever. hello, if you want money that much, please focus on your work, have a part-time job, work till your ass off, get some OT, and actually do your fucking work instead of blogging.

i'm so fucking damn tired of all this fucking shit. cukup sudah dengan all of the bullshits with all the goatdamn fucking diseases, you fucking throw your bullshits at those people yang help you when you guys are fucking sad, begging for their fucking money, and this is what you gave back? what a fucking joke! dah lah diorang fucking sick, kena jaga orang yang sakit, yang perangai macam celaka jugak . ha baguslah! bagus. in the end, the one yang kena is the one yang baik hati sangat pergi tolong, baik hati sangat, tak ambik hati.

I won't forget the slap I get for backing up my mom. From my mom.

"mama tak pernah ajaq anak mama cakap macam tu!" I'll never forget it.

fuck this. god. i fucking hate this. fuck all this. i just want a fucking simple life. i always distant myself from everyone, so that when this kind of shits happen i'll be less painful. it never happens.

what i did i learnt after all this fucking 6 years? what is the fucking result after this 6 fucking years? NOTHING. even i fucking try my fucking best i fucking flop at it, i suck at doing my best.

i, fucking hate you, for fucking left me here alone; trying to defy all these fucked up shits, for leaving this fuck up world, and just see me fucked things up. 

i'm just another fuck up fucker.


nignagger said...

too much fuck huh? i think u r really fucked off yrself.chill man!

64-6 said...

aizat , senyum sikit :) sabar bebanyak kay.