21 March, 2009

hush, the dead are dreaming

music : Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
mood : gloomy a bit, still happy though

damn busy. getting really annoyed about my luck. where's lady luck when u need her?
fatigue, not enough sleep, very random eating time. haih.
not to mention the, streamyx is getting AWESOME. "OTL
lucky my campus's wifi is damn laju. i dunno what they do, but wi-fi-ing is as fast as streaming-ing using streamyx. "orzzzzz
merge dgn wimax kot? hahh. tah ler.
last saturday Manchester United lose to its bitter rival, Liverpool
well i actually kinda foresee this. ya lah, long time de we go on high, tak jatuh jatuh
sure jatuh kaw kaw one. i just prayed that not this time, i mean, not to inter, not to liverpool.
at 2nd half dora msg me.

... T____________T dora kejaaaammmm TOT

dora demented: main tibai je ak
dora demented: liverpool mng~~
dora demented: haha!
dora demented: liverpool mng~~
dora demented: haha!
then at full time
dora demented: told u so :D

but well, 4 -1 is the final score. my friends that went to hartamas square take pics with the 4 - 1 pose (for 4 POINTS and 1 EXTRA GAME, TAKE NOTE, DORA.)
tonight maybe me, rafique, iswel, mahadevan and bob will be going to mcD rawang.
im sure this time. Tonight, we'll win! we'll bantai Fulham kaw-kaw one! Glory Manchester United!

Facebook. hm~ i kinda hate the appilications stuff, its kinda annoying for me at the first place. when elin invite me for a Rock Legends! application, i was like.. erm tgk laaar. then raf joined, so i was like, okay, lemme give it a try.
well it turn out kinda awesome stuff. cool. kudos to elin, i gotta say, im kinda addicted to Rock Legends apps.

maybe i want to change all 4 tyres for my kancil. at tuesday when im returning to college, and im preety sure it was like 50km/h or so, im decending a hill where there is a traffic light, so when tha CRV in front of me brake SUDDENLY, i stepped to the metal, and i can fill the vibration. skiiding slowly. i thought, "damn, im dead. " when it stopped, at last. just a feather away from the back of the car. really. it FREAKED ME OUT D: GAAHH. thats why im always wear a seat belt. accident happens! (eventho im accident-free xD), wear ur seatbelt. its going to hurt you, y'know. not wearing it might give u a RM300 ticket, see. and it may cost ur life, or ur passenger. so wear it. u'll feel safe.

final is on the way. arrgh. feel like i want to have a retest. damn. i just can't, programm the programming stuff. D: and at skudai, i was told that we're gonna do graphic using programming. WTH?
scanf ("Scan ur sketch here:%d%d%d ", &skecth);//upload ur sketch here (?)//
printf("Here's ur pics! %d%d%d", sketch);
i cant imagine that. shit. gah. guess i ave to work damn hard with programming orz

oh and yeah. yesterday was awesome. i mean thursday night, friday morning. i went home around 12.00 am and kutip bob, went for dota with rafique and ziqrie, till 9 am next day. it was AWESOME. to be truth, tak puas sgt lar, byk kali kene remake. but still, we ruleesss. haha. next time guys. i'll practice hard to not to feed lul.

till next time

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nanaloly said...

eh i like that song!
tell laura i love her~