22 March, 2009


... what? i know i know. its weird that suddenly i post 2 post on the same day, which is RARELY done.

just wanted to share. Oujo have fun. Me? Well kinda. Not that FUN as in happy happy yeehaaa stuff. Fun, as in F**king/Freaking -ly Unexpected Night.

1st. Manchester LOST AGAIN.
2nd. Because Paul Scholes get a RED CARD only at 17 MINUTES.
3rd. Rooney GET A RED CARD.
4th. We didn't score eventho we were better at 2nd half, because ROONEY IS SOO AWESOME.

you know, when u play NFS (Most Wanted, Carbon, etc etc) even how good you at evading police, at least once you'll get busted. Well at least there's no SUB-MACHINE GUN POINTING AT YOU. well in the end ive proven innocent (yeah, im innocent, cmon, look at my face. muke budak jahat ke? XDDD) so i was released just like that.

but not without some kenangan. Rafique is soooo excited bout all this stuff, so he decided to take pics. so yeah. here's some pics. dun ave the sub-machine gun's one tho

yeah, thats Rafique.

Rafique, NAN 14 and me xD

Patner in crime, Me and Bob.

After we took this pics, the polices give the go ahead u can chiao from here

im a free man! XD


amal.najaa said...

ape jd o_O

roti bakar said...

di harass oleh kereta wira, jadi aku speed 160 kat jalan biase u_u

then aku potong radiocar dkat dabel line u.u;;;;

but aku cakap aku cuak sbb die harass aku xDD

so i escape inesen-ly xDDDD