09 January, 2009

bes perg fest

i wanna escape.
//press [esc] button//
something wrong somewhere. hmm.
evntho this week is like
normal, okay, enjoyable
i dunno.
makan? ckup je
smyg? ckup gak
tido .. erm ckup ah kot
mandi? siap mandi air panas hahaha xD
men game ? dh byk sgt dh game abis
study? study gak. bes pe math ajaran Uncle Din lolol
tapi tah ler.
ade satu perasaan tak best.
mmg tak best.
sgt sgt tak best.
something wrong somewhere.

well~ besok pergi Youth Festival 2009!
/*dh dl + print free pass! hooray! XD/*
/*act its a priority pass u.u;*/
so besok ade gigs and stuff
ade paintball tournament, 1v1 basketball tournament
dn lain2 xgames.
sounds like im going to have fun tomolow~
and sunday too xD
well i hope so u.u;
will post pics if i manage to snap some~~

and oh ya, taj it sebnar gun bahas separ separ.

-roti terbakar-

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