11 August, 2011

i thought i was 'okay'.

halfway through the day i manage to be fine, smile and act like nothing happened. a biiiig smile, with the usual attitude towards my work, and try hard, focusing at my works.

and i thought i did a very, very excellent job, today. overall. did finish some of my cases, and acting like i'm okay. i mean, i'm always okay. so for today, i'm gonna be okay, too.

but i was surprised when i opened up my profile facebook, everyone wishes me birthday. and i remembered the other day something happened, i was trying to remember today, end up i make it as my birthday.

and sad thing is, my laptop broke down. i can't change it and i totally forgot about it. thus, the wishes.

look i don't give a fuck if you guys think i'm seeking attention or whatsoever, i'm very sorry, god knows how much i don't want to fucked up today, esp since today is the day where everything started going fucked up, until now.

at least, i don't want it to be another fucked up day, so i tried to cheer up and act like usual with the same shit but well, i guess not.

but i admit, i did wrong, so therefore i'm deeply regret on what happened today and thus, no more bday wishes for me. fyi. my bday;


so yeah.

Selamat 5 tahun, SAIFUL AIZAT. semoga kau terus kuat dan kuat dan kuat.

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