08 May, 2011


ah summer. who doesn't love the sunny afternoon, where you can be lazy, lying around, sweating, drinking tea.. damn. who doesn't loves summer?

oh and, eventhough we're in Malaysia, we actually felt summer too. I'm not kidding. Last month there's freaking storm every evening. This month? Nay. Nada. nil.

Summer means summer vacaytion. Well no vacayyytion really, I'm hunting for jobs. I need money to do what I want, without feeling iritated on how much I've been craving for something, or doing something, when I don't have money. sigh.

oh and a lil small thing. i don't mind if you're following my twitter, i'm just scarred i'll offend my followers, because i never hold back when twitting. it's my pure thought, in that instance.

and i'm sorry to my friends who just recently discovered my twitter. if you guys reading this, meaning you guys officially discoverd my blog too.

and I'm not planning to let any of my ex-schoolmates knew this blog, because they'll be surprised, (most of them were really surprised back then) and to see my other half of my life. sigh. i hate it when things getting complicated.

rotating fan, the sound of the wind blow, the sunlight, gosh, how i love summer.

it actually makes me forget my sadness.

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