28 February, 2009

rhythm of the rain

music : A Shoulder To Cry On - Tommy Page
mood : sleepy

i dont know why, but i just cant post.
its not like there nothing happening, there's bunch of it!
but i just, cant, type (?). well maybe because im tired. well maybe not.
maybe its the skin. yea, the skin.
so i change the skin into, this!
its an awesome-ly simple yet odd enough to attract me.
oh well

last friday, right after i arrived at my room,
suraya and sofhatun come out with this crazy idea
since sofhatun wanted to stop by at suraya's place at KBU
(eventho i dont really quite sure what they've done at that time)
she asked me to picked up her at her apartment at Bandar Tasik Selatan.
and at the same time picking up Rafique which is from MIAT (smwhere near Nilai)
via komuter. then we'll go to sue's place at KBU,
went for a bowling at One Utama,
balik rumah at Bandar Country Homes,
then drop Sue and Sof at Sue's house there,
and TAMAT.
simple? yeah. considering just by reading it.
well im not quite sure on how to get to Sof's place.
but at much ease we manage to get there around 30 mins, which is quite fast
without any major problem.
its a different story when we tried to go to Sue's place.
with Sofhatun saying "Ohhh, siniii.. Tau la jalan" I was relieved.
but then
"Eh, kite kat ne nih?" SHEET.
then again
"Oh, sini. tau tau mane nak pi. aizat stret je patu nampak fly over belok kanan"
"Eh, kte patut U-Turn la tadi.."Rafique bersuara.
"Ye ke???" What the, si sof ni, die pun x sure. deym.
"Eh jap, kite kene trun ke, kene naik fly over ni?" Suara keluar dari mulut aku
"Hm jap sof confuse"
".. Kereta berjalan sof."
"Kiri ke kanan?" Driver dh chuak.
"Kiri! Jap jap jap, Kanan kot. Turun kot."
"Mane ni, kiri ke kanan?"
Rafique "Kiri!"
Sofhatun "Kanan laa"
KANAN LA. I made my decision. ikut org yg berpengalaman
and i was wrong. "Takpe, kat depan ade u-turn, pastu sof dh tau jalan"
I see a toll booth.
And we end up in high-way.

Well anyhow. Long story cut short. we manage to get to Sue's place.
later we gegar One Utama's Fish Corner (kot, forgot la the name)
and i even manage to buy a 6 CD WITH 1 PRICE, 101 LOVE SONGS (OLDIES)
while the girls are window shopping (and cam-whoring)
and the fun continued until the next day.
and why, why of all time, my brain just full of ideas of writing fictions. demmit.


freak. i am. dora. said...

lagu oldies??
hbt la ko bleh layan lagu2 cmtu

roti bakar said...

eh. aku mmg dga lagu2 cmtu. XD